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QuickSilver Dancers 1997 Curriculum:
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East Coast Swing Curriculum (11 min Susan Frentz): Sweet 16. Dragon Bridge. Triple bridge (plain, and with London Bridge). Cuddles. Pretzel. Sweetheart routine. Head Loop routine. Dishrag (hairbrush) tag. Dragon spin. Double cuddles routine. Lady doubles. Tunnel. Backstroke. Triple tuck turns. Inside bridge. Peekaboo. Barrel roll. Spin tunnel. Rope, with chicken wing, butterfly. Red-Riding-Hood. Pretzel linked to Rope. Man's Flat-backs: to 2nd tunnel, to Jack-in-the-box, to Sweetheart. Royston spins. Sugar-foot. Kickapoo (kicks).

Western Waltz Curriculum (12 min Susan Frentz): Lady under-arm turn. Couple turn CW. Twinkles: single, 1-handed, 2-handed, alternate hands. Twinkle man's crossover. Alternating rolls. Crossed-hands Twinkle to Sweetheart, zig-zags. Rolling Twinkle. Push-out (wagon wheel). Level 2: Turn combos. Parallel twinkle. Triple twinkle. Bow and arrow. Push-out Lariat. Level 3: grapevines: man's open crossover; conversation; triple twinkle skirt things. 1-hand Twinkle / lady inside turn / 2-hand parallels. Spirals. Body passes. Chasse and pivots. Syncopations: twin spins. Arm things. Tick-tocks. Entwines. (tandems? St Louis carousel?)

Polka Curriculum: (6 min Susan Frentz): Circles. Promenade. Side travel. Conversation. Patty cake / Sweet-heart. Around the World, piston exit. Rolex: Rolex-4. Turn-4.Rolex-6.Turn-6. Tandems. Circles both ways.

Two Step (26 min Susan Frentz): CW circles. Natural Pass. Promenade. Side Travel. Conversation. Reverse Pass. Zig Zag. CCW circles. Multiple circles both ways. Natural pass / Wild West Shuffle (lace whip). Y-pattern. Belt loop. Circle turn toss out. Side travel / Down The Line. Pretzel. Lariat. Crossed hands lace whip. Tunnel. Crossed hands lariat. Mirror spins. Dishrag (bow tie). Spin pretzel. Yo-yos: R-hand, L-hand, 2-hand. Man's double turns. Duck-under. Spin tunnel. Re-direction move. Rope. Dark side of moon. Pretzel / Cuddle / Duck-out / Rope. My Sharona. Flat-back. Barrel roll. Swirl Turns. Man's triple spin pretzel. Back-wraps. Criss Cross. Whirlybird. Beltran. Dishrag / backward skaters. Windy City (tuck turns). Shoulder crosses. Patty cake. Cuddle / rope / butterfly (burst), 2 different endings. Goalpost / behind back spin. Apache / sweetheart / alternating rolls. Spin-duck-through. All 5 belt loops. Tunnel / man's flat-back / 2nd tunnel (or Jack in the box). Man's Spin tunnel. Flat-back. Spin duck-under. Gutsch. Head loops. Neck-wrap roll-out. Dufrene. Double-doubles. Fred Harris filler.

Ballroom Curriculum (14 min Candy Karlson): MAMBO/SALSA: Parallel breaks. Crossover breaks. 5th position breaks. Scallop. Chase. Cross-body-lead. Open break to lady single or double turns. Sweetheart. Zig-zag. Peekaboo. Half-moon. TANGO: basic. Promenades: left, right, flair, rocks. Argentine walk. Cambio. Medio corté. La Puerta. Triple fans. WALTZ: box. Emergency. "sign of the cross" (hesitation forward & back, sway side to side). Lady turn. Parallels. Twinkle. Triple twinkle. Forward progressive. RUMBA: box. Lady turn. 5th position breaks. Crossover breaks. Parallel breaks. Crosslead. Cuban walks plain, curved. FOXTROT: 6-beat progressive basic. Emergency step (aka rock turn). Promenade. Promenade lady turn. 8-beat box basic. Twinkle. Triple twinkle. Parallels. Quarter turns. Grapevine off promenade.

Cha-Cha Curriculum (10 min Candy Karlson): Parallel breaks. 5th position breaks. Crossover breaks. Paseo to 7-up. Parallels to alternating turns. 5th to explosion. Crossovers: pivot turns, shoulder rolls, free spins, swivels, swivel lady turn, Figure 4. Chase: 180°, 360°, 720°. Cross-body-lead. Sweetheart: basic, zig-zag, turning, syncopated (shadow). Peekaboo: single and double out. Open break with single or double turns. Triple progressive. Pattycake to carousel. Half-moon. Inside turn to crossovers.

Triple 2-Step (7 min Susan Frentz): Circle turn. Lady turn. Lace whip. Criss cross. Yo-yo: L-hand, dark side, R-hand. Circle Toss. Check walkaround Toss. Mirror spin. Apache Sweetheart. Tuck Turns. Shoulder crosses. Hammerlock wrap. Alternating turns. Cross-over: Open-up, Piston, Pattycake / Crossed hands lace whip. Spin tunnel.

West Coast Swing (6 min Susan Frentz): Underarm pass. Left side pass. Basket whip. Regular whip. Sugar push. Tuck-in. Hand changes. Men's spins. Lady rollouts, spins. Hoe-down. Appel move. Sailors. Traveling 2.5 CW spin. Arm-check spin. Drag to Prances; to Tunnel; to Straightjacket.

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